Expressing the beauty of Japan in wine

There are four seasons in Japan where the creases are correct and vivid. The delicate taste sensibility and polite and robust technique cultivated in the Japanese culture are one of the individuality of Japanese culture.
Grace Wine wants to select the goodness of Japan and wrap it in wine.
Cultivation has been devised by interacting with natural conditions by selecting fields based on the sunlight, temperature difference between day and night, drainage, and wind flow.
Harvesting is done by careful manual hand selection.
Furthermore, work at the brewery that strives to bring out the power of the grapes grown in the field without damaging it. The family business has been handed down for about a century with the efforts of a long time. Japanese winemaking is directly linked to local agriculture, and Japanese handicrafts are honest, polite and solid.
In 2014, Grace's White Wine Koshu opened the door to the world.
Grace wants to further promote winemaking that expresses the goodness of Japan and continue to bring joy and healing to people.