Celebrating the 100th Anniversary

Located east of Eurasia, the Japanese archipelago is rooted in a unique island culture.
Winemaking began 150 years ago, shortly after the lifting of Japan's isolation from the rest of the world. The Koshu grape, which had been cultivated in Japan for centuries, was made into wine. Yamanashi Prefecture, located in the centre of the Japanese archipelago, is the birthplace of Japanese wine.

 Grace Wine was established 100 years ago in September 1923 by Chotaro Misawa in Katsunuma-village, Yamanashi Prefecture, right after the Great Kanto Earthquake that struck Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Yamanashi on 1st September, 1923. In the midst of this catastrophe which tremendously impacted Japanese society, "Grace Wine" was launched with the hope of paving the way for people's tomorrow.
This spirit has been passed down to the fourth and current head of the winery, Shigekazu Misawa, who contributed to the restoration of the local livelihood of Fukushima Prefecture, the main affected region of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Shigekazu passed on all aspects of cultivation, winemaking, and distribution to the residents of Fukushima who aimed at revitalising the region through winemaking.

 In 2005, Misawa, as the first in Japanese wine history, opened the door to full-scale export to the EU. One of the prominent characteristics of Grace is its philosophy of adhering to traditional Japanese craftsmanship without being influenced by current trends.
The essence of wine is the delectability of aging, where the quality of the grapes surpasses winemaking skills. Our wines embody the boundless beauty of Japanese nature. Our vineyards are chosen for their sunshine hours, elevation, drainage, and ventilation. With beautiful mountains spread out like a panorama in the background, we carefully work our vineyards in dialogue with the weather.
With our respect for nature, manners and traditions, combined with the worldwide popularity of Japanese food as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, we have pioneered the way for the export of Japanese wine overseas as part of Japanese culture, to countries such as England and Europe. We, the Misawa family, made all of this possible with our strong determination, as a family who walked hand in hand with Koshu, a white wine that has been passed down to us from our hometown of Yamanashi.

Director, Chuo Budoshu Co.Ltd. Ayana Misawa