Greeting From Owner
Aiming to make world-class high quality wine

We are now in the era where Japanese wine is being put to the test with the wine market being globalized. The vine variety “Koshu” has been registered by International Organisation of Vine and Wine (O.I.V) and we have started exporting to the London market, which we could not even dream of 10 years ago. It is becoming reality to follow the EU wine law, which is the global wine law, in our winemaking.

We have been daringly applying the global standard to our produce although some might criticize us for our arrogance. We keep trying to have our wine globally acknowledged as Japan’s Grace Wine working with the climate unique to Japan. Since the establishment of our company, we have been putting the most effort into our grape cultivation because we strongly believe that grapes determine the aroma and the flavor of wine. Since 1990, we have adopted European grape varieties and the European cultivation method of Vertical Shoot Positioning, and at Misawa Vineyard that opened in 2002, the cultivation of Koshu with Vertical Shoot Positioning has expanded in terms of its cultivation area and its yield.

Our principle is to make wine in a way as natural as possible. We strive to bring out the natural balance in our wine with our enthusiasm not to lose grapes in the process of fermentation and storage.

We hope to be the “Grace” brand that provides comfort and pleasure to our customers when they enjoy each other’s company sitting around the table and having our wine.

We will show you what we do from season to season here and we hope to have your support on our philosophy and practice.