Wineries in Yamanashi were introduced on a 30-minute TV show by French state-owned broadcasting station.

A photo of “Grace Koshu Private Reserve 2016” appeared on the front cover of UK’s wine magazine “Decanter”.

UK’s wine magazine “Decanter” is a monthly magazine, which is published in 92 countries worldwide. They cover news of wineries, vintage guides, recommended products, etc. in this magazine. They also host the world’s biggest international wine competition “Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA)”.
※ ”Grace Koshu Private Reserve 2016” is the same product as the one known as “Grace Koshu 2016” in Japan. Its name has been changed for the EU market.

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The results of UK’s “Decanter World Wine Awards”

Grace Wine’s Koshu won gold medals 4 years in a row at the world’s biggest international wine competition “Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) 2017”. “Grace Koshu Private Reserve 2016” won a platinum medal and “Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2016” won a gold medal. This is the 4th year in a row that our wine won a gold medal.

We won a platinum medal and a gold medal at DWWA 2017, which was held in London from April 24th to 28th, 2017.

To win a gold medal, the wine’s score needs to be higher than 95 points. Then those gold medal winning wines are retasted by the judges and a platinum medal is awarded to the best wine among them. This is an honorable medal, which only less than 1% of the total entries get to win.

“Grace Koshu Private Reserve 2016 (With the Grace Koshu’s label made for the EU market)” got 95 points and won a platinum medal, and “Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2016” got 98 points and won a gold medal. This is the 4th year in a row that we won a gold medal.
DWWA is hosted by UK’s wine magazine “Decanter” which is published in 92 countries worldwide and it is the world’s biggest wine competition. This year, over 17,200 different wines entered the competition from more than 42 countries. Those wines were tasted and judged strictly by 65 Masters of Wine (MW) and other Master Sommeliers (MS) including the Chairman Emeritus, Steven Spurrier, who hosted “the Judgment of Paris” that made Californian wine famous and Gerard Basset, who has been awarded “Best Sommelier of the World” and also is qualified as both MW and MS. This is one of the most trusted wine competitions, which not only the experts but also general consumers refer to as a standard when they choose wine. Wines are judged very strictly and fairly and this is said to be the most influential wine competition to the market.

We export “Grace Koshu Private Reserve 2016” to Europe including London and other countries such as Australia. It is made from Koshu grapes from Katsunuma-town in Yamanashi-prefecture with the winemaking method meeting EU standards. We don’t rely on winemaking methods such as Sur Lie but we bring out the grapes’ flavor and strive for natural flavors.

We make “Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2016” with Koshu grapes cultivated with the hedging system at our own vineyard in Akeno-town in Hokuto-city in Yamanashi-prefecture, following the EU standards of winemaking. We don’t add acid or sugar to our wine (including concentrating grape juice) and are particular about bringing out the flavor of grapes. It is a new kind of “Koshu”, which has impressive characteristics such as an enriched flavor and a long finish.

The fact that Koshu won 2 gold medals at DWWA2017 gives Yamanashi and the Japanese wine industry a bright future and it shows that winemaking which focuses on grapes has been highly evaluated.
“Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2015” and “Grace Koshu Hishiyama-batake 2015” have been highly rated in UK.
Ms. Jancis Robinson is the most influential journalist in the world’s wine industry and also qualified as a Master of Wine. In a wine tasting article on her official website, “Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2015” and “Cuvée Misawa Red 2009” both received the score 17, and “Grace Koshu Hishiyama-batake 2015” received 16.5 out of 20 points.
It was such an honor to receive a high evaluation from the most influential wine critic in London, where they offer 70% of the world’s wine information and it was encouraging for us as well.

Ms. Jancis Robinson worked as the chief editor for “Wine & Spirits” magazine after graduating from University of Oxford. She then became a wine writer. She is the queen of the wine writers’ world, who was the first journalist to get a title of “Master of Wine”.
She wrote a number of books with her active research, intelligence and sharp observation skills and gained support from wine lovers worldwide. She has been the advisor for the wine cellar of UK’s Queen Elizabeth II since 2003.

Grace Koshu 2015 Was Elected One of the 50 Most Exciting Wines of 2016−Decanter Magazine.
The January 2017 issue of Decanter Magazine reports that the three judges, consisting of Sarah June Evans (MW), Christelle Guibert and Andy Howard (MW), tasted 195 wines recommended by the world's wine experts. From these, the panel selected their 50 most exciting wines, with Grace Koshu Private Reserve 2015 being elected one of them.

The Most Exciting Wines of 2016 Decanter staff, contributors and the regional chairs of the Decanter World Wine Awards were asked to name the five wines under the 55-GBP mark that had most satisfied them during the previous 12 months. The result was an amazing selection of 195 wines from diverse origins and representing an abundance of styles. Not only did these recommended wines hail from the classic regions, but from such countries as Cyprus, Canada, Israel and Japan.

Armed with only two pieces of information, the grape type and the year of harvest, the expert trio of Evans, Guibert and Howard conducted a blind tasting.

Focusing on that magical "wow factor," the three experts selected 50 bottles of the ultimate still wine, and a further 25 bottles of sparkling, off dry (slightly sweet), sweet and fortified wine.

The Judges
Sarah Jane Evans (MW) is Chairman of the Institute of Masters of Wine, and serves as Joint-Chair of the Spain, Sherry category of the Decanter World Wine Awards.
Christelle Guibert is Decanter's Tasting Director and has spent 21 years working in the French and British wine industries.
Andy Howard (MW) is a regular contributor to Decanter and is also employed as a wine panelist. He has 30 years of experience working as a buyer for Marks & Spencer.