Katsunuma, Yamanashi-prefecture
Katsunuma is located in the east end of Kofu Basin and a place of the highest production of Koshu grapes. The authentic winemaking began in the beginning of Meiji Era and the improvement in the quality of Koshu, white wine in the last decade or so is remarkable. However, the area of Koshu’s cultivation has been decreasing and it is becoming more and more difficult to get Koshu grapes for winemaking here in Katsunuma every year as well. At Chuo Budoshu, we aim for the world-class winemaking of Koshu by using the historic Katsunuma’s Koshu grapes based on the trusting relationship between our contracted farmers and us.
Character of Katsunuma
The rich terrior that is backed up historically The whole Katsunuma area is an alluvial fan and its soil is sandy and well drained, where it has been a suitable place for the grapevine cultivation from old times. In the mountain areas such as Toriibira and Hishiyama, more enriched grapes are produced. We took notice of these areas early and the quality of our Grace Wine made from these grapes is receiving attention.
Toriibira District
It is a very small area located on the southwest hillslope of Mt. Kashiwao. As it gets long hours of sunlight and also has a big difference in temperature between day and night because of the cool breezes blown down upon from Sasago-toge Pass, it meets all the conditions for grapes to ripen thoroughly. Strong flavor of the grapes grown from the clay soil mixed with gravels is reflected in its wine’s deep flavor. Part of the harvested grapes from this area gets fermented in small barrels.
Hishiyama District
Hishiyama is the largest area of grape production in Katsunuma. It has a complicated landform because of a few small rivers they have. The inclination and the type of soil are different from vineyard to vineyard but the grapes produced in this area consistently have a good balance of sweetness and sourness. The wine of this area’s grapes is made in accordance with the EU method to keep the original flavor of the grapes and it has rich aroma and fresh sourness.
Grace Wine
Katsunuma Grace Wine
Grace Wine is located in Katsunuma-town, Yamanashi-prefecture, which is the place of origin of Japanese wine and it can be called a winery where it all started for the brand Grace Wine. You can feel the history of Grace Wine at our wine shop, which has a tasting counter.
Introduction of cultivated grape variety
Koshu is a white grape variety unique to Japan, which has more than 1000 years of history. Its origin is believed to be a European variety called Vitis Vinifera, which is one of the grapevine varieties for wine. The Koshu variety has been registered by OIV in 2010. Wine made from this variety is delicate and it has refreshing sourness and pure minerality.