Grace Wine
Chuo Budoshu was founded in Katsunuma-town, Yamanashi-prefecture, which is the place of origin of Japanese wine. Our wine has been known as “Grace Wine”. We mainly make wine with a vine variety called Koshu, which has been cultivated for more than 1000 years in Japan.
In 2002, we opened our own vineyard “Misawa Vineyard” in Akeno-town, which has an elevation of 700 meters and the longest hours of sunlight in Japan. We use the hedging system and cultivate Koshu as well as several different kinds of European vines such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and so on.
We will continue the winemaking with the unity of the soil, cultivation efforts and the winemakers’ belief.
Introduction of Grace wine
Wine shop
Grace wine’s building is covered with ivy and has a historical atmosphere. After you pass through the small door, you will find the wine shop that is stylish like a showroom on the 2nd floor. Katsunuma’s representative, Koshu wine can be purchased here as well as wine made with European grape varieties cultivated at Misawa Vineyard.
Tasting Counter
You can taste almost all kinds of different wine we have at the counter in the wine shop (Charges apply). Please enjoy the wine while learning Koshu’s history and Grace wine’s history. We serve our wine in ISO wine tasting glasses.
History of Japanese Wine
Katsunuma-town in Yamanashi-prefecture is known as the place of origin of Japanese wine. There are currently about 30 wineries in Katsunuma-town. The history of the Japanese wine industry began and developed here in Katsunuma-town.
Misawa Vineyard
Akeno-town in Hokuto-city is located in the northwest part of Yamanashi-prefecture and it has the longest hours of sunlight in Japan. Akeno-town has an altitude of 700 meters and is suitable for the cultivation of wine grapevines since it gets a large amount of sunlight and has big difference in temperature between day and night. We opened our own vineyard “Misawa Vineyard” here in Akeno-town in 2002 and started cultivating European grapevines such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. We also work on the cultivation of Japanese traditional variety, Koshu with the authentic Vertical Shoot Positioning. Our flagship wine “Cuvée Misawa” is produced using grapes cultivated here.
Wine Cave
We have a wine cave which was constructed underground in Akeno-town. Its size is 470 square meters and it can store up to 95 barrels and about 60,000 wine bottles. Wine matures here in the finest environment, where it makes full use of the nature.
(Chuo Budoshu Co., Ltd.)

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