The Traditional Brand of wine that is having a crown of GRACE

Grace Koshu Kayagatake

Kayagatake mountains have highest level of sunshine hours, and extremely low level of rain in Japan. This climate is called microclimat (Climate limited in this area) and our captive managing vineyard in Akeno is also located on the west-facing slope of the valley. Grace Kayagatake brand has a clear feeling of rich malic acid, fresh taste and exhilaration brought by the features of its cool climate and temperature differences. It is a Koshu which meets the strict standards of EU and we now export them to London in full-scale. In the promotion of KOJ (Koshu of Japan), we gained great reputation in London. It goes well with a wide range of Japanese cuisine.

VINTAGE : 2016

Grape varieties Koshu
Grape Origin the foot of Mt. Kayagatake , Yamanashi
Harvest 2016
Vinification Fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tank
Alc 11.5%
Net volume 750ml
Type Dry

<Tasting Note>
Limpid, in good condition. Bright, light yellow with a green tinge. On the nose, rose petals, citrus aromas of fresh lemon and lime, green notes of green apple, newly mown grass, and spicy note of white pepper. Smooth attack on the palate, bone dry, with a lively and graceful refreshing acidity, flavours reminiscent of the citrus fruit on the nose, with a taste of herbs spreading out in the mouth. Back palate shows a hint of saltiness.