The Traditional Brand of wine that is having a crown of GRACE

Grace Koshu Barrel

We have prepared Koshu grapes from Yamanashi prefecture in small barrels.

VINTAGE : 2016

Grape varieties Koshu
Grape Origin Yamanashi
Harvest 2016
Vinification Fermentation in stainless steel tank, Maturation in oak barrel
Alc 12%
Net volume 750ml
Type Dry

<Tasting Note>
Limpid, in good condition. Bright, light yellow with a green tinge, fairly high viscosity. Generous aromas of yellow apple, pear, white pepper and toasty aromas of oak diffuses out in a gentle manner. Smooth attack on the palate, dry with firm acidity, with flavours of yellow apple, pear and white pepper, a slight characteristic bitterness from the Koshu grape skins, and a touch of gentle oak