The Traditional Brand of wine that is having a crown of GRACE

Grace Koshu Toriibira vineyard

Toribira is said to be the origin of Japan grapes, and is known as a area of high quality grapes since long before. Since 2002, we have started preparing small amounts of wine using Koshu grapes cultivated in the limited fields of this area, and have pursued to express the feature of this production area and potential of grapes.

VINTAGE : 2016

Grape varieties Koshu
Grape Origin Toriibira area, Katsunuma,Yamanashi
Harvest 2016
Vinification Fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tank
Alc 11.5%
Net volume 750ml
Type Dry

<Tasting Note>
Limpid, in good condition. Bright, light lemon colour with a grey tinge. On the nose, ripe fruit aromas of golden delicious, quince, pears, spicy aromas of white pepper, earth and ginger. Smooth attack on the palate, with ripe fruit flavours integrating well with the firm acidity, and an abundant body. At the back palate, there are nuances of spicy aromas of earth and ginger, as well as astringency from the grape skin and a hint of bitterness.