The Traditional Brand of wine that is having a crown of GRACE

Shugoro's Vin

A sweet wine drank regularly and loved by the writer Shugoro Yamamoto. Its feature is the deep flavor produced by several years of barrel maturation. It goes very well with desert and blue cheese. The story of Mr. Yamamoto’s love to this wine is written on the label. The title itself is a handwriting of his.


Grape varieties Muscat BaileyA, Koshu,
French brandy
Grape Origin Hosaka area, Yamanashi (grape), Cognac, France (brandy)
Harvest -
Vinification Madeira style, Solera System
Alc 16%
Net volume 720ml
Type Sweet

<Tasting Note>
Calming garnet with an orange rim. Intense and complex ripe bouquet of figs, raisins, dry flowers, bitter chocolate. Richly sweet and mellow on the pallet, pure, with a long finish.