The Traditional Brand of wine that is having a crown of GRACE

Grace Cabernet Franc

We have blended Petit Verdots with rich ripen Cabernet Francs cultivated at Misawa Vineyard in Akeno, and prepared the wine carefully with strict sorting and gentle extraction. No clarifying or filtration has been done. Enjoy the elegant flavor of Cabernet Francs.

VINTAGE : 2015

Grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon、Merlot
Cabernet Franc、Petit Verdot
Grape Origin Misawa Vineyard, Akeno,Yamanashi
Harvest 2015
Vinification Fermentation in stainless steel tank, Maturation in oak barrels
Alc 13%
Net volume 750ml
Type Medium Body

<Tasting Note>
Medium ruby, refined aromas of purple fruit such as blueberry, cassis; floral. Spicy characters of coriander and Japanese pepper giving an impression of refreshing coolness. Smooth on the palate, dry with excellent velvety tannins, mineralic, mild acidity with concentrated and integrated purple fruit characters. Elegant overall.