The Traditional Brand of wine that is having a crown of GRACE

Grace Chardonnay

Made 100% only from Chardonnays cultivated at our captive vineyard in Akeno. We harvest them with precisely planned schedule and carefully prepare the wine after sorting the grapes at the farm. It is a wine with the grapes original pure fruity flavor added with a gentle taste gained by barrel storage.

VINTAGE : 2016

Grape varieties Chardonnay
Grape Origin Misawa Vineyard, Akeno,Yamanashi
Harvest 2016
Vinification Fermentation and maturation in small oak barrels
Alc 12%
Net volume 750ml
Type Dry

<Tasting Note>
Limpid, in good condition. Bright medium yellow. Aromas are profound, with fruity aromas of golden delicious apple, quince, attractive floral aromas of geranium, mixed with white pepper and some toastiness. Mellow on the palate, dry with integrated mineralic acidity. Balanced ripe fruit flavours with spiciness and restrained oak. Hints of honey on the finish. Full-bodied but with freshness is what makes this wine special.