The Traditional Brand of wine that is having a crown of GRACE

Grace Rosé

Made 100% only from grapes carefully cultivated at our captive vineyard in Akeno. Merlots are mainly used and are been prepared by direct compression and Saignee methods, and then fermentation and stored in a oak barrel. The wine is fermented in Japans climate, and goes well with Japanese meals.

VINTAGE : 2016

Grape varieties Merlot(77%)、Cabernet Sauvignon(20%)、
Cabernet Franc(3%)
Grape Origin Misawa Vineyard, Akeno, Yamanashi
Harvest 2016
Vinification Fermentation in French oak, maturation in French oak Barrel
Direct press, Saignée
Alc 12%
Net volume 750ml
Type Dry

<Tasting Note>
Limpid, bright, reddish cherry pink. On the nose, red fruit aromas of blood orange, floral aromas of rose, spicy aromas of pink pepper and cinnamon, and a faint earthy note. Soft and rounded attack, dry. On the palate, juicy fruitiness and elegant acidity mellowly weaved together. The back palate has a touch of pink pepper spiciness. The colour of the wine originates from direct press of red grapes, much like white winemaking, and from saignée of red juice from red winemaking. Both fermentation and maturation occurred in oak vats, resulting in a fruity and a pleasant wine.